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CETMAPS is a global career and education network for ambitious professionals looking to further their personal and professional development. With extensive contacts in the field of higher education, our industry expertise and experience gives us the flexibility to adapt to the needs of our prospective clients.

At CETMAPS we believe that education and career decisions are important to leave to chance, so we want to ensure candidates have access to the best tools and the best independent expert information before making a decision.

Our ambition is to be the world’s leading events medical ,administration and software company in the higher education field.
We are a company with the world as our platform and hundreds of ambitious clients and a very hardworking team. We are a multi-cultural team base and we are linguistic too, which helps us in easy communication and gives us the access to reach out .

We are driven by our belief in the power of free education and skills training to change people’s lives for the better and are passionate about providing an overall learning experience that meets their needs and helps them to achieve life goals.

We are experts in the field of online education and are rigorous in delivering high quality learning materials, services and experiences that deliver the learning outcomes we have promised. The UN Declaration that “everyone is entitled to a free education” is our inspiration. We are committed to equality and access to education irrespective of gender, geography, economic status or any other barriers to access

We will not be constrained by what already exists but will lead the way in introducing new ways to achieve our mission. We understand and embrace the pioneering spirit that motivates other entrepreneurs.

Empower Yourself
We believe that through education, everyone has the power to change their lives, and ultimately the world, for the better.
Innovation, technology and creative collaboration with knowledge experts worldwide are the foundations of Cetmaps commitment to delivering universal access to education.

Our services and products deliver freedom to learn and the tools to succeed – enabling employers, learners, publishers and employees to empower themselves and others.

“Cetmaps the headstone for empowerment, empower your life with us.”

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