Learn to play Guitar in 30 days

If you don’t get hooked on guitar right away, you’ll never keep playing long enough to live out your dream guitar scene

And the #1 key ingredient in getting hooked on guitar is having FUN.

With this in mind, I’ve carefully engineered a BRAND NEW 30 day guitar program for total beginners AND people who’ve played for a while to get the clarity, focus, and FUN that will get you hooked on guitar for life! 

Before officially releasing this program, we ran a 30-day beta challenge during the month of June 2019 where over one thousand of our existing members went through the program. The result was a resounding success!

In less than 30 days, total beginners could play the blues and transition between their basic chords….

What you’ll learn

  • 30 daily online guitar lessons, for almost 5 hours of guitar tutorials
  • Guitar lessons for under 2 dollars a day.
  • Video examples for both right-handed AND left-handed guitar players
  • Fun, interesting, and true-to-life guitar exercises; finally get your fingers moving the way they’re supposed to
  • Learn just enough guitar theory to help you advance quickly as a guitarist
  • Specific focus on dozens of individual motors, starting with the simple and manageable
  • A gradual increase in challenge to keep you engaged and improving day-after-day
  • Learn the fundamentals of how to play blues guitar
  • Learn the chords of the guitar; learn major and minor chords
  • Learn guitar techniques; take hammer-ons, pull-offs, slides, bends, alternate picking, and turn them into fun and electrifying solos
  • Take what you’ve learned and turn it into a song, which we’ll go through together, piece by piece
  • How to play most of the popular music on the radio; learn guitar chord progressions
  • Workout your pinky finger (and feel the burn)

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