The Complete Photography Course

If you wanna earn money when you are on holiday!!
Even you are a month break!!
This flexibility is a major driver for photographers
who work in stock photography full time.


This course does not just cover only how to take pictures but also

What is the best time take photo in Outdoor
What is the worst time taken photo in Outdoor
How lights moves and how you can utilize light better
How to use reflector to shoot amazing photos specially portraits
How to skip harsh light and harsh shadows which can ruin your photographs
How to shoot sharp macro image
How to get more detail in macro shoot
How to use photo stacking process to create great macro shots
How to skip blurry images, skip from wind for perfect macro shot
Why you should not use auto focus while shooting macro images
What is focusing rail and how it helps in macro photography
Scopes and genres where black and white photography more promising rather colored photograph.
Approaches to take quality black and white photos.
Utilization of Hue-Saturation-Luminance (HSL) panel
What makes a great image.
Composition Technique: Placement of subject.
Composition Technique: Separation of subject.
Composition Technique: Balance of elements.
Composition Technique: Linear Perspective.
Composition Technique: Height Perspective.
Composition Technique: Overlap Perspective.
Composition Technique: Aerial Perspective.
Composition Technique: Fill the frame.
Composition Technique: Pattern.
Composition Technique: Leading lines.
Composition Technique: Rule of thirds.
Composition Technique: Golden ration.

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