Dr Priscilla Dhanaraj

Dr Priscilla is a confident, articulate {and professional} in her chosen field of work as an educator, She has sound knowledge and exposure in clinical research with over a decade of expertise in Training and Development and Dentistry.  She is a confident healthcare professional with an extended track record of successfully diagnosing and treating patients and their dental situations.

Teamwork, versatile approach, endurance, dedication and persistent troubleshooter are her primary abilities. She is commended for reliability, accuracy and trustworthiness whereas dealing with the team.  Excellent widespread sense, judgment, and decision-making skills are her inherent qualities.

Her command over languages are English, Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam. Student counselling and Guidance are core strengths as-is enterprise development and evaluation of company progress.

At CetMaps, Dr Priscilla heads the training and the Department of Psychology where she is overseeing the analyses, screening and counselling divisions.

The story of Cetmaps will never be complete without Dr Priscilla’s initiative. it all started just before the pandemic interval. It was a thought structured when our Dr Priscilla, CEO and Founder of Cetmaps, was working in a firm called I mind Go along with Dr Nella Ganghuly, who was doing the administrative work. Dr Priscilla was in command of students enrolments, training, education and also was involved in the expansion of the firm. She even acquired an M.O.U with Maher Meenakshi Academy of Higher Education and Research for IMindGo.

But since then, the proprietor of ImindGo Mr Venkat Raj (who expired on 11th of May 2021) grew to become religious and wished to offer religious coaching. Dr Priscilla was not admitting to the change and was feeling the direction of education is going elsewhere. As she believes that professional coaching is essential and wished to provide high-quality educations to students, She discussed this matter with her family, friends and industry associates. Upon their advice, she determined to start to venture out herself. She mentioned this matter with Dr Neela Ganguly and the latter readily agreed and wish to hitch with Dr Priscilla. And Dr Priscilla initial aim was to offer psychological studies. But with her vast experiences, knowledge in multiple disciplines, she decided to go along with professional training. She wanted to start a centre for professional training. As Dr Neela Ganguly offer to give her expertise in Management training, Dr Priscilla decided on a Centre for Management and Professional training. Dr Priscilla took the abbreviations and shaped the title Cetmaps. And that is how the identity Cetmaps formed.

She registered a dot com domain. Initially, she got the expertise to develop her website, Cetmaps.com from Singapore. Seeing her progress, She was additionally appointed as a C.E.O of Pallas Academy to run an academic institute for students by HiSolutions. Giving a top-notch high-quality education but at a lower fee, if not without cost.