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The Real Story Behind The Formation Of CETMAPS

The story of Cetmaps will never be complete without Dr Priscilla’s initiative. it all started just before the pandemic interval. It was a thought...


The objectives of CETMAPS are: To help students identify their goals and advise them on their path of learning to achieve those goals through...

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CETMAPS – PALLAS – Charity For Old Age Home in Singapore

Sunlove Home is a charitable Home for the intellectually disabled in Singapore. They shelter, protect and care for those entrusted to them. They are...

Learn to play Guitar in 30 days

If you don’t get hooked on guitar right away, you’ll never keep playing long enough to live out your dream guitar scene… And the #1 key ingredient in getting hooked...

Our Ethics

Education, whether acquired online or offline, can be well perceived by all those who seek it. The simplest way to expand your knowledge and...

Dr Priscilla Dhanaraj

Dr Priscilla is a confident, articulate {and professional} in her chosen field of work as an educator, She has sound knowledge and exposure in...

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